Morgan | Riley Hart

When Riley announced a new series, I was all in.  ALL IN! However, I was not prepared for the emotion.  Friends, I was ugly crying. I dove in Morgan without reading the blurb or knowing much about the series.  However, Morgan and Dusty immediately captured my heart.  

Morgan Swift left his hometown and life behind 10 years ago.  Now, his family needs him and he is back in his small Michigan hometown to care for his ailing father.  To say the animosity and an anger is thick between the Swift family would be a gross understatement.  The pain in this family is palpable, but from the outside folks think they have it all.  And honestly, that is what the Swift patriarch wants.  Morgan clearly is unsettled and deeply unhappy, but doesn’t even know it.  My heart breaks for the little boy and man that is so desperately seeking love and affection. 

For Dusty Birchbark, MI is home, but so is his best friend Morgan.  Dusty works hard to make his dreams happen, but still finds himself engrossed in the Swift family drama, and loves each of the Swift brothers in a different way.  I love how Dusty is a support for each of them, and sees them each for who they are. But his heart still belongs to Morgan. 

The tension and emotion that Dusty and Morgan felt after coming face to face with one another after all of these years was so well written.  It was clear to readers that these two had to tackle years of hurt, pain, and words they were afraid to say out loud.  Their age, maturity, and life experiences played a huge role in how their relationship unfolded. Their deep feelings and love for one another was so obvious to me as a reader I never ever doubted that they belonged with each other.  And holy buckets did these two light the pages on fire.  Once they were all in, they could barely keep their hands off one another and clearly needed to make up for lost time! There are so many emotional parts to this book not only between Morgan and Dusty but the Swift brothers, their pain is so deep. If you love a family series, emotional connections and some family drama this book and series is definitely for you! 


Rating: 5 Stars
POV: First person, dual POV
POP: 48%

Series: Swift Brothers

Type of Series: Interconnected
Tropes: Friends to lovers, small town, family saga, hurt/comfort

Release Date: 4/4/24
Available on Kindle Unlimited