Make It Sweet by Kristen Callihan


A few years ago I didn’t even know sports romance was a thing, and I stumbled on Kristen Callihan’s ‘Game On’ series which was my introduction into the sports romance world!  I loved this football series, and I still recommend it to new romance readers!  

Emma is a famous actress that is fresh off a bad break up and a professional blow.  She finds herself in Southern California.  Given her last role Emma is recognizable wherever she goes, and she is needing a break and to separate herself from her friends and the world.  

Professional hockey player, Lucian escaped to his Grandmother’s southern Carlifornia estate, Rosemont after an intense head injury that also prompted a break up with his fiancee. Lucian is the ipediomy of a grumpy alpha male, but has a serious soft spot for his family and Grandmother.  And how Lucian shows his love to the people he loves….OMG let’s just say I wanted to book a little trip to Rosemont! 

Kirsten did an amazing job describing the scene without being too wordy! I loved that I could picture the amazing scenery that Rosemont estate has to offer.  Borth Emma and Lucian are in need of time and space to heal after personal setbacks.  Both of these characters are so multi faceted and mature.  From the start both Emma and Lucian are able to read each other, but in different ways.  Each is passionate about those they love and their careers.  

The tension between these two set the pages of this book on FIRE! I wanted to shake each of them to get out of their way and JUST be together.  And man when it happens it is HOT.  But not hot like I was expecting.  I had absolutely no struggle to get into this book and was hooked from the start.  For me this was a little of a slow burn, but it was totally worth it folks.  As for spice, I would give it a two on the spice scale, it isn’t a closed door, and there were several hot scenes.  But not at all over the top and very well placed! I would recommend this book to anyone that loves slow burns, sports romance, and a little angst thrown in.  If you are not sure if you like a lot of steam, then this is a must read for you!  

Well done, Kristen! I hope there are more in this series! I need to know what happens with Brommy, Anton, Sal…okay, so pretty much everyone! 

If you are in the market for a heartfelt love story with a little angst, amazing cast of characters, then this is the book for you!  You will not be disappointed!  

Thank you to Kristen Callihan & Gray’s Promotions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.