Hockey Player enters Therapy

In the last year I have become obsessed with Hockey Romance.  I have read everything I could get my hand on in the genre. After every novel I think there can not be a better story or leading man out there.  Then Sawyer Bennett writes Tacker’s story. His character has been featured in the other 4 Arizona Vengeance Novel you just know that when you finally get his story it is going to break your heart. 

Tacker was ordered to go to therapy after a DUI. A man with a broken heart after losing his fiance due to a plane crash that he was the piloting. He is angry at himself. He can not see to forgive the part he thinks he played in her death. The Team owner send her to Nora for therapy.

Nora has suffered her own heart ache and loss.  She has been able to find her own healing and love with her horses and love of her adopted family. Now it is Nora’s turn to help Tacker. 

Tacker’s story does break your heart, but it also heals it.  It makes you realize love can heal.  Laughter can heal.  Friendship can heal.  While you will never forget your first love you can always open your heart up and find love again.

With so much pain and heart ache can you really find peace and love?  For a man with a harden heart and so much anger can a therapist really help him move past his anger and guilt? I loved this story.  I loved every emotion on the pages.  I don’t know how you top a love story like Tracker and Nora.  Worth every one of the 5 stars.