Heroic Measures by Marie James

After binge reading all the previous books in this series I have been anxiously awaiting Jude’s story.  And let me say this sweet virgin man did not disappoint me, at all.  And he’s not all sweet either.   He might be the quiet studious one in the group, but let’s just say he surprises everyone….including Parker.   

To be honest, I was not sold on Parker in the previous book Calculated Risk.  She seemed to be very distant and not really interested in what was going on in other people’s lives.  The reason did come to light, but it definitely took her a while to warm up to everyone, including sharing herself with the readers.  There were several times I was shocked by something she did or said.  And in the end, I got it. But it took me a while to relate to her.  I will give it to Parker though, she is bold and went after what she wanted initially, and that was Jude. But she was not thinking she would want him again, and again.  Jude pushed her out of her comfort zone prompting her to really think about what she wanted and needed in her life.  

This was not a slow burn as the pair couldn’t stay away from each other from the get go. And fell into a friend’s benefits arrangement.  Jude was not afraid to ask for what he wanted or needed, and set some boundaries without pushing Parker too much.  I enjoyed Jude setting boundaries because it seems that it is usually the heroine doing so in books. The suspense was woven throughout and it was just enough to have readers guessing and exciting.  We also got to see a lot of the Blackbridge Security crew and of course, Puff Daddy who continues his hilarious antics and I couldn’t get enough of him! 
This is not a standalone and there is a little crossover of time to Calculated Risk.  Not only would I recommend this book to someone that enjoys some spice with their suspense, but the entire series!  Looking forward to the next release, Sleight of Hand in September.