Etched in Honor by Carrie Ann Ryan

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 49%
Trope: Paranormal; Second Chance; Fated Mates
Series: Aspen Pack book 1
Rate: 3.5/5 Stars
Release Date: 5/23/2022

I love shifter romances and fated mates even more.  There was something about this story that I just didn’t connect with.  Carrie Ann Ryan has created an exciting and well-established world with this spin-off series, but I wanted a little less book and more chemistry on the page.  Her world budling of this new pack is engaging and idealist, but the relationship with Audrey and Gavin almost felt like it was second.  However, this is their HEA.  The two characters are both reeling from past hurts, and discoveries are made that you aren’t expecting.  I really enjoyed the way the characters come together and work through their issues and wants with words and actions.  I just really wanted more of just the two of them on the page.  I felt like there was a lot of extra that I didn’t love but being book one in a new series I understood the thought process behind it.  The story just moved a little slower than I was anticipated, but maybe that is my own hang up because generally the paranormal shifter romances I read are novellas and not full length.  However, even with what I didn’t love, this story is compelling and well written, and I will definitely be reading the next book in the series because I am excited to see what Ryan has in store for Alpha Chase.