Ep 197: Hearts and Stethoscopes: Books with EMTs, Firefighters, Doctors, and Nurses

“In this episode, we’re diving into the adrenaline-fueled world of romance books featuring EMTs, firefighters, doctors, and nurses. Join us as we dissect the pulse-pounding narratives that unfold amidst the sirens and stethoscopes!”

Discussion points   

  • Realistic Representation
  • Blue-collar vs. White-collar Perception
  • Romantic Dynamics
  • Character Development
  • Impact of the Profession on Relationships

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Book of the Week:

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This Week’s Quote

This week’s quote- “She’s a beautiful woman,” Gran mused. “The perfect match for you. Every good man needs a woman who’s way out of his league. And I mean way, way out.” 

Books Mentioned this Episode

What Saves Us  
Man Handle by Vanessa Vale  
Ignite by Melanie Harlow  
Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts 
Up All Night Annabeth Albert 
Fireman & the Flirt AJ Truman  
One Touch Lena Hendrix 
TMI Leslie McAdam 
Up In Flames Eden Finley/Saxon James 
Falling Embers Romeo Alexander 
Boston Billionaire Bachelors by J Saman 
Doctors by Louise Bay  
Butterfly Bayou-Nurse Practitioner
Reckless at Heart by Zoe York 
Hot and Heavy by Mari Carr – Also is the Firefighter  
Mile High Firefighters by Mariah Ankerman  
Dr. Daddy Misty Walker  
One Moment Please Amy Daws  
Strictly Not Yours by Carrie Elks 
Made for Me by Natasha Madison   
Both heroes have a privileged back ground  
Reckless at Heart by Zoe York – She is a midwife   Tomboy by Avery Flynn  
Tattered and Torn- EMT her/firefighter Him 
Fearless (Finn Factor Series) RG Alexander (MMM)  Man Handle by Vaness Vale  
Scrooge-ish by LB Dunbar  
Stay Over by Kaylee Ryan- Brooks is the nurse  Edge of Choas by J Saman- a nurse in a family of drs  
Rose and the Dreamboat- Novella but so good!  
Up in Smoke by Kate Meader  
Forrest for the Trees by Kilby Blades 
The Good Luck Charm- She is a nurse  
The Cabin by Jasinda Wilder  
See Me by Stacey Kennedy  
Man Handle by Vaness Vale  
Muffin Top by Avery Flynn  
He is late to the date cause he got off shift late  
The edge of Temptation by J Saman  
What Hurts Us  
Bad Blind Date by Elise Faber-


Kate Meader- Figherfighters  

Maggie Gates  

Ofelia Martinez- Heartland Metro Hospital Series –  

Zoe York   

Erin Nicholas  

Stacey Kennedy  

Jaci Burton- Bortherhood by Fire  

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