ep 60. Covering the Cover with author Rebecca Gallo and cover model Ian Brownhill

On this Episode of Buzzing about romance we talk about all that goes in to picking a cover for your book. Also the process of a custom cover versus stock covers.

Bio:  Rebecca Gallo High school English teacher by day, indie romance author by night, and on the weekends. I started my publishing journey in 2017 but I’ve been a romantic my entire life. When I was little, both my mom and babysitter used to watch soap operas. My mom was also big into those soapy mini-series like Thorn Birds and North and South. So, I developed some pretty inappropriate crushes at a young age. I also used to think everyone kissed with tongue too. In 2015, I started reading and reviewing for a blog, which is how I was introduced to the world of indie romance and I learned a lot about the self-publishing process. I currently have three full-length novels out and over a dozen novellas. I live in southwest Arizona with my husband, son, and two tuxedo cats. I’m a doughnut aficionado, taco connoisseur, and wine snob. When it’s hot, you can usually find me in the pool with a cocktail 

Where to find Rebecca:

Bio: Ian Brownhill is an actor/model based out of  Boston, MA.  He has been in several movies, tv shows and commercials. 

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What else we’re reading this week/weekend: 
Leah: Iron Ladies Box Set by Danielle Norman

Becky:  The Parent Trap by Jasinda Wilder  

Notable Upcoming releases: 

August 15th 
Once Upon a Desk by Mimi Kinley 
August 16th  
Clusterf*k (Life Sucks, book 4) by Elise Faber  
August 17th  
817 Fireman Ln. (Cherry Falls Romance, book 33) by hope Ford  
Twisted Heart by Stacey Lynn  Book 1 in the Love and Honor Duet #1)  
Bond (Klein Brothers, book 1) by Mary B Moore  
The Dating Playbook (Boyfriend Project, book 2) by Farrah Rochon 

August 20th  
Cross (Dark Kings, book 3) Shantel Tessier 
Until Delilah by Harlow Layne  

Next Up (what we are discussing next time):  We are bringing you what the Trope Part Deux! We are going to break down some of our favorite tropes and update with some new favorites.

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