Ep 157 Going to the Club

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance Heather and Becky are going to talk about Books Clubs. Ideas to starting your own, picking a theme and title to the ways to make sure you talk about the book for at least a little while.   

How do you find other readers either virtually or in person  

  1. Choose a name for your book club: This can be a fun way to make your club feel official and give it a unique identity. 
  1. Create a social media presence: Use platforms like Facebook or Instagram to create a page or group for your book club.  
  1. Decide on a meeting schedule: Determine how often your group will meet, whether it’s once a month or bi-weekly, and make sure to communicate this clearly to members. 
  1. Select a book: Start with a book that you love or a popular romance title that you think would generate interest.  
  1. Make sure to give members enough time to read the book before the first meeting. 
  1. Length of book can also play into this.  Overly long or complex could have people not wanting to read it  
  1. Plan discussion questions: To keep the conversation flowing, create a list of questions or topics to discuss during the meeting. This can be anything from characters and plot to themes and symbolism. 
  1. Consider hosting virtual meetings: 
  1. Reach out to local bookstores: Many independent bookstores have book clubs and may be willing to partner with your group. This could mean discounts on books, meeting space, or even author appearances. 
  1. Make it fun: Finally, remember that book clubs are supposed to be enjoyable. Consider incorporating games or prizes to keep things interesting and encourage participation. 
  • How to get people to want to be a part of book club 
  • Rules and expectations of a book club help  

Book of the Week:   

Swag Pack Sponsoring authors:

Books we think would be great picks for a Book Club  

Reel by Kennedy Ryan  

Baden by Sawyer Bennett  

The Cabin by Jasinda Wilder  

The Ripple Effect by J Bengtsson  

After Hours on Milagro Street  by Angelina M Lopez

The Summer Proposal by Vi Keeland  

 Maya Banks KGI series  

Forrest for the Trees by Kilby Blades  

AL Jackson Books 

Arizona Vengeance Series: Sawyer Bennett (Hockey Series)

Wilder Brothers: Carrie Ann Ryan (Family Series)

Wicked Horse: Sawyer Bennett (SPICY!!!!)

Made for Series: Natasha Madison

The Boardroom Series: Lynda Aicher

Oil Barons Series: Marie Johnston

Southern Series: Natasha Madison (Small town)

Sentinel Security Series: Anna Hackett

Silverstone Tire: Susan Stoker

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