Drinks with the Bees Episode 29

On the Shelf Show Notes

Episode 29: Our guest on this episode is Debut Author Pru Warren
Pru sent us the following Bio that deserves to be read in full as written.  Pru Warren (who is writing this in the third person as if simply too modest to toot her own horn) bores easily and thus has been a daydreamer since roughly the Bronze Age. 
She is addicted to writing because in a novel, you can make things come out the RIGHT way. Life and karma really ought to take note; there are BETTER SOLUTIONS to these pesky daily annoyances!
Beside her in-the-laptop God Complex, Pru laughs often and easily, loathes cooking, and plays way too much solitaire. She’s plotting world domination even as you read this, as long as she doesn’t have to wake up too early to accomplish it.

Notable Upcoming releases:

Cyn and the Peanut butter cup by Pru Warren 1/12
Ever After Always by Chloe Liese 1/12
My One and Only by Layla Hagen 1/12
The Memory Of Us by Claire Raye 1/13

Next Up (what we are discussing next time): Topshelf Winning Author Chloe Liese will be joining us.  We are talking about her inclusive  romance  with some of the best examples of diversity in Romance.  Also her upcoming release Ever After Always. 

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