Debut Novel Coming Soon from A.B. Wilson

We are excited to help reveal the cover for A.B. Wilson’s new Contemporary Romance, THE ROLE

The Role releases August 10th!

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Book Description:

Fleeing a flaming dumpster fire of a life in Chicago, ALINA FERROUS moves to Los Angeles to accept a half-assed job offer from the diabolical director of the struggling TV show, Southern Gods. Her official title on the show is assistant producer, but she’s also the director’s widely proclaimed muse. A sexist designation, if ever one existed. It’s been a hard slog, but she finally feels like she’s on track to achieving her filmmaking dream—until she catches the eye of a certain, well-known guest star.

While Alina is holding on tightly to her hard-won career, MARKUS SHELLENBERG is in total free fall. After losing a bet with the director of the show, he is forced to take on a small role in Southern Gods. Functional most days, but sinking fast, Markus struggles to overcome creative exhaustion and anxiety exacerbated by his grueling schedule and the painful demise of an eight year relationship. Almost immediately upon arriving on set, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Alina that shocks him with its relative ease and candor.

Unfortunately, Alina and Markus’s friendship and impossible-to-hide chemistry doesn’t go unnoticed by the show’s director. In a last ditch effort to save the show, he casts them in leading roles as love interests for the next season. As Markus and Alina prepare to take on new roles, their friendship evolves into something more and the line between reality and the show begins to blur. Before long, a tip from a gossipy co-worker prematurely outs them to the media and they’re forced to take their tentative relationship into the glaring, public spotlight.

Markus and Alina play along at first, but the stress of celeb life and being the saviors of the show ratchets up and it becomes heartbreakingly obvious how little they know and trust each other away from the isolated set. When a popular tabloid releases a vicious article depicting Alina as a gold-digging homewrecker, the hastily-built foundation of their relationship disintegrates completely beneath the weight of the narrative’s lies and accusations.

With the help of friends and Markus’s irrepressible youngest brother, Ali

na and Markus set out to reclaim their narrative from the gossip hounds. Together, the two are able to sift through the wreckage of their previous relationship and rebuild on a foundation of honesty and trust rather than raw chemistry and need.


A.B. Wilson is the pen name of a heat-seeking librarian trapped in the upper Midwest. She writes steamy kissing books where the journey is always more romantic than the destination.


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