Claim Me Forever by AL Jackson

Claim Me Forever – A Heartfelt Journey in Small Town Romance

In “Claim Me Forever,” AL Jackson takes readers on a heartfelt journey in the third installment of the Time River series. While the book maintains the signature small-town romance with suspenseful twists, I couldn’t help but notice a departure from the author’s usual cadence and poetism in her prose. However, this doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the story.

Set in the charming Time River, the series offers interconnected standalones, allowing readers to dive into the narrative at any point. The town’s allure lies in its great characters and a hint of suspense that keeps the plot engaging. Savannah, aka the Little Trespasser, arrives in town with a quest for answers, leading her into the arms of Ezra, the town’s sheriff and a single father to three adorable kids.

Ezra, also known as Hot Cop, is a cinnamon roll character, displaying toughness on the outside but revealing a softer, gooey interior, especially when it comes to Savannah. The two protagonists, burdened with trust issues and baggage, navigate a slow-burning romance, unraveling their pasts and finding solace in each other. The dynamics with Ezra’s children add an extra layer of sweetness to the narrative.

The audiobook, narrated by Desiree Ketchum and Zachary Webber, enhances the overall experience, bringing the characters to life with their stellar performances. Despite a departure from Jackson’s usual style, the story’s romantic and suspenseful elements, coupled with the fantastic narration, make “Claim Me Forever” a delightful addition to the Time River series. I eagerly anticipate more from this captivating small-town world.

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series Time River
Type- Interconnected Standalones
Tropes: age-gap, small-town, suspense, rescue-romance, blue-collar, close-proximity, danger-stalker-kidnapping, dark-moment-no-break-up, found-family, friend-group, instant-attraction, no-3rd-act, opposites, protector, widow, single-dad, audiobook
Pop: 46%
Audio narrators Desiree Ketchum and Zachary Webber