An Unfinished Memory | Marie Johnston

Marie Johnston has crafted an exceptional second chance romance in the Oil Knights series, and I must say, she truly outdid herself with Sutton and Wilder’s story. Sutton Knight, the beloved veterinarian, steps into the spotlight as a brave woman starting over, supported by the Knight family but longing for more.

Wilder Knight, the work-focused sheriff of Buffalo Gully, re-evaluates his priorities, finding completeness when he discovers the depth of his feelings for Sutton. This gruff deputy transforms into a man gooey for his “wife,” evolving beautifully throughout the book. The emotional connection between Sutton and Wilder is palpable, complemented by off-the-charts sexual chemistry, creating a captivating love story.

Their connection leaps off the page, and Marie’s incorporation of the Midwest’s picturesque locations adds a delightful touch. From Theodore Roosevelt National Park to the streets of Medora and the enchanting Black Hills, the setting enriches the story, creating a vivid backdrop for Sutton and Wilder’s journey.

If you relish small-town romances with nosy neighbors, sibling banter, and a beautiful couple finding their hard-earned happily ever after, this book is a perfect fit.


Rating: 10 stars!
POV: Dual, first person
POP: 9% (Yes, that’s correct!)

Series: Oil Knights book #3

Type of Series: Interconnected Standalone
Tropes: Second chance, small town, brother’s best friend
Release Date: 2/15/24
Available on Kindle Unlimited