A Wilder Wedding | Carrie Ann Ryan

Naomi and Amo’s book is the book that I never knew I needed, but of course, Carrie Ann knew we all needed this angsty book! 

Naomi has always been a constant in the Wilder books.  The one that holds it all together, and it is always there for everyone, but especially the Wilder ladies!  I always felt that she was a little sad or lonely.  And there was always tension with Amos.  Amos, the grumpy older guy that works in the vineyard and cares for the grapes has also been a constant, but not spending as much time with the Wilders also intrigued me, and the way the Wilders hinted at a relationship between the pair was adorable.  It was clear that Amos and Naomi were private about their relationship but until we got to dive in did we really get to see that their romance was just as perfect and hard fought as the Wilders. However, Naomi and Amos have an intense connection and clearly are perfect for one another.  And oh my goodness can they light the sheets on fire, too! This might be a novella but it did not disappoint on the connection, drama, and steam! If you are looking for a quick but well written book this should be on your TBR!