Review: Tempted by Love

by Melissa Foster

 What I just read might be one of the most emotionally driven romances I have ever read. By the second chapter you are completely invested in this story. You are walking this journey with Jock and Daphne, you are hoping they are getting right but so worried about all of them including the sweet little girl. 

Jock – A reclusive writer.  He has experienced so much loss in his adult life.  He is so caught up in his hurt of the past he has a hard time focusing on the future and moving his life forward.   

Daphne – Pushing through life as a single mom.  Trying to find her happiness.  She has good friends but sometimes doesn’t feel a 100% she is in the right place.

Hadley – sweet beautiful girl, daughter to Daphne.  She has attached herself to Jock the first time she saw him even though he was not completely comfortable with her. 

This is a story of over coming loss and finding love.  It is about healing the wounds of the past and confronting those you hurt in the process.  I really liked Daphne’s character in this book.  She is strong and stoic.  Even thought she is attracted to Jock she is not afraid to walk away from him if he can’t move past his discomfort around Hadley.  Daphne’s strength is her ability to be thoughtful and caring with out allowing emotions to override her cautious nature. Daphne was not the typical single mom character.  She was very practical and not looking for someone to come in and make her and Hadley’s life easier.  She was happy with her life as a single mom. Her biggest issues are she wasn’t working a job she was completely fulfilled by.  But all it took was some encouragement from the right people and she wasn’t afraid to start searching for her dream job. 

Jock is a little bit harder to get to know and love.  He has so much baggage and has closed him self off from others that it is hard to see his light.  As we move through the story you see this slow rebirth of Jock to the land of the living.  He slowly sheds 10 years of grief and sadness and as he does this you see a very loving and caring man.  His heart belonged to Daphne and Hadley. Jock is challenged to continue to live in the present and not allow the past to seep in and control his happiness.

Everyone says Melissa Foster is the “Queen of Big Family Romance”, I had previously not read anything by Ms. Foster and love a big family romance. There are a lot of players introduced in this story.  I am excited for each of their stories but at times it was a little overwhelming trying to keep everyone straight.  But all the family members did not in anyway take away from Daphne and Jock’s love story, they only enhanced it. 

This was as 5/5 read for me. I enjoyed every minute of Daphne, Jock and Hadley. Hadley’s sweet and caring heart bring so much love and acceptance to this story.  Ms Foster has reeled me in and I cannot wait for Jules story next.