Quick Shot of Romance: Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

On Today’s Quick Shot of Romance we are reviewing Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

On this Episode Becky is joined by Lindsey

Synopsis:  From Good Reads

 My love story all started with a letter.

Only it wasn’t from the man I’d eventually fall in love with. It was from his daughter.  A sweet little girl named Birdie Maxwell who’d written to the magazine that I worked for.

You see, once a year, my employer fulfilled a few wishes for readers. Only that column didn’t start up again for months.

So I fulfilled some of her wishes myself. It was harmless…so I thought. Until one day I took things too far.

While anonymously granting yet another of Birdie’s wishes, I got a look at her father. Her devastatingly handsome, single dad father. 

I should have stopped playing fairy godmother then. I should have left well enough alone. But I just couldn’t help myself.  I had a connection to this girl. One that had me acting irrationally.

Like showing up on their doorstep.

Release Date: October 20th 2020
Trope: single dad, mistaken identity, widower, slow burn
Steam Level:  4

Did you like this book?
Becky: I really did. It was a great story with some steam and some funny moments.
Lindsey: I really enjoyed the book. I loved Birdie, the daughter. She was absolutely adorable & her relationship with Sadie was heartwarming and perfect. I am a sucker for any story that includes dogs, being a devoted dog Mom myself. I found the comedic elements added from Marmaduke & Birdie’s shenanigans laugh out loud funny at times. It was a bit of a slow burn, a little slower burn than I prefer, but necessary for the relationship development between Sadie & Sebastian. I think the spirit of the book can best be described through my favorite quote in the book: “Our hearts are made up of all the different broken pieces that belong to others, and when we find the right one, they show us how they can all fit together again.” Birdie, Sadie, and Sebastian are that for each other. 

Who would typically like the book? 
Lindsey: Fans of a slow burn, people who need a less-angsty palette cleanser between reads, or steamier hallmark-esque story. 
Becky: anyone into contemporary Romance.

Would you recommend this book?
Lindsey: Yes. It’s a great read between angstier books because it’s a heartwarming, feel good read with a “good girl meets good guy” storyline.
Becky:  I absolutely would. It is a great story and there is so much to love.

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