If You Hate Me by Helena Hunting

“If You Hate Me” by Helena Hunting was one of my most recent disappointing reads.

As an avid reader of romance novels, I eagerly picked up “If You Hate Me” by Helena Hunting, expecting an engaging and passionate love story. However, what I found within the pages of this book left me thoroughly disappointed and ultimately led to a Did Not Finish (DNF) decision.

From the outset, it became evident that the main characters were not only unlikable but also poorly developed. The male protagonist was portrayed as nothing more than an insufferable jerk, lacking depth or any redeeming qualities. His behavior throughout the narrative left a sour taste, making it nearly impossible to empathize with or root for him.

Equally disappointing was the portrayal of the female lead. Instead of a strong, independent woman, readers are presented with a character who comes across as immature and incessantly whiny. Her actions and decisions felt contrived, further contributing to the overall lack of connection with the story.

One of the most off-putting aspects of the book was it is low rent porn vibe. The inclusion of a scene involving a cucumber crossed the line into sheer distaste, leaving me feeling nauseated and questioning the author’s judgment. Additionally, the unnecessary threesome involving the male lead’s brother added nothing of value to the plot and served only to further detract from the already faltering storyline.

Speaking of the plot, it felt disjointed and lacked any semblance of coherence. Instead of a cohesive narrative with genuine emotional depth, the story was riddled with unnecessary drama and conflicts that seemed to arise out of thin air. The absence of genuine romance or meaningful connections between the characters only served to exacerbate the disappointment.

Despite my best efforts, I found myself unable to push through beyond the 43% mark of the book. The sheer frustration and disbelief at what I was reading ultimately led me to abandon the novel altogether. It’s disheartening to witness such a decline in quality from an author whose previous works I’ve enjoyed.

On top of all that, the audiobook, narrated by CJ Bloom, lacks enjoyment due to the portrayal of the female lead’s whininess, along with production issues like clicking sounds and volume inconsistencies.

“If You Hate Me” by Helena Hunting failed to deliver on its promise of a compelling romance novel. With unlikable characters, tasteless scenes, and a lackluster plot, this book fell far short of expectations. As a longtime fan of the author, I can only hope that future endeavors will return to the captivating storytelling and engaging characters that once defined her work.

Book Stats:
Rating- DNF
Series: Toronto Terror #1
Tropes: Close Proximity, Brother’s best friend/Teammate, enemies to lovers, roommates, Childhood rivals, Sports romance, Hockey Romance
Audiobook: Connor Crais, CJ Bloom
POP: 24%