Frat Wars- Masters of Mayhem |Saxon James

Robbie and Brandon became fast friends when they rushed the same fraternity almost 4 years ago.  However, the two could not be more opposite.  Robbie is a big dude that has little to no fashion sense.  And he can be a little grumpy at times, says basically everything that pops in his head, and is highly protective of his friends, and his favorite friend is Brandon or Brando as he lovingly refers to him as.  Brandon is the resident risk manager.  Brandon is a straight laced kind of guy.  He likes rules.  And in his fraternity house, he is very busy keeping his prank loving brothers in line.  But truth be told Brandon doesn’t get to have a lot of fun being risk manager, so when Robbie tells him he is interested in exploring if he is bisexual and the pair were encouraged to kiss Robbie sort of shrugs it off, but gives it a go.  Neither of the two were prepared for the feeling and connection to be so incredible. They decide they are seniors in college and now is the time to explore and experiment.  So they went with it, they were both left wanting more. I have to say one of the things that I adored most about this book is the way James describes these two.  The way the outside world see’s Robbie is not the same Robbie that his frat brothers and Brandon see him.  He is serious, but also very funny and the first one to step up to help when someone is in need.  Brandon is also very thoughtful and really puts 100% into the fraternity and often does things for others that sometimes goes unnoticed.  He needs reminders from others to have some fun himself. As Robbie Brandon begin to explore a more physical side of their friendship it is clear they have some serious chemistry and I love how they naturally figure it out.  One of my favorite parts of romance books is the newness of relationships and Robbie and Brandon’s and while these two have been friends they are both trying to navigate a new level of friendship while also realizing they may also be into men.  These two have an easy banter and are supportive of each other in all areas.  And like so many of Saxon’s other books she creates a beautiful support system for her characters.  They are a group that you want to hang out with, and in my opinion that makes a book wonderful.  And Brandon’s parents might be my favorite! Also, there are some cameo’s of some of our favorite characters of Saxon’s! BONUS!!!!
I loved the emotional and physical connection that this pair has….and Robbie will literally melt your heart! So be prepared! If you enjoy a low angst, steamy, friends to lovers then I think you would love this book.  I loved book one in this series, but I think that Brandon & Robbie might be my new favorite!