Ep 178: Miscommunication and Dark Moments

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance Jenni and Leah join Becky to talk about Miscommunication and Dark Moments that aren’t a breakups.  

Topics discussed this episode

  • What do we mean by Miscommunication?  
  • What is a dark moment.   
  • What if they are never together- like fake relationships  
  • In the context of a romance novel, a “dark moment” refers to a crucial point in the story where the main characters face a significant obstacle or crisis that threatens to keep them apart or challenges the viability of their relationship. This moment is often emotionally charged, intense, and can create a sense of despair or hopelessness. The dark moment is a narrative device used to heighten tension, increase stakes, and test the strength of the romantic bond. 
  • How long does a couple have to be a part to consider it a breakup?   

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