Hey y’all. I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve jumped on here– but 2020 wasn’t kind to any of us. So, I’m just going to pretend like I was on top of everything and jump right into some books I stumbled upon this weekend.

Rebel by Laura Pavlov (Rating: 4.5 stars & a glass of Shiraz): This is truly my favorite of the Montgomery Brothers series- and I totally called it the first book! Jack(ass) has continuously been portrayed as the playboy with no plans of settling down- but we could all see falling HARD for the right girl. Monroe was just the lady that is going to take the cake. She is the strong, confident, and oppositional force that we could foreshadow being the lady to help Jack grow into the swoon-worthy. Jack was the protective man that would hang stars in the sky for her; but he knew he could never act on any feelings for her because of his best friend (also Monroe’s brother). But we knew something more was coming when they are forced to spend more time together and each starts recognizing feelings that were there all along, but each had ignored. Can these frenemies turn to lovers, or will their HEA be ruined by their stubbornness?

The Roommate by Rosie Danan (Rating: 4 stars & a Dirty Shirley): I really appreciate how this book approached some more sensitive topics- like sex positivity, adult entertainment, and sex work protection. Clara was definitely the typical socialite, who grew up with blinders about the world around her, but the fact that she was able to embrace and empathize with Josh speaks numbers about the truest intentions of her heart. Josh, while the ultimate story hunk and kind of orgasms, still had a lot to learn about the world; specially when it came to assuming who has a silver spoon in their mouth and who doesn’t. This was a good read and I appreciate how Rosie created an advocacy platform for many topics. I did think there would be a bit more steam in this one- as far as scenes between Josh and Clara, and how she progresses in her sexuality and acceptance of wanting more steam in her life. Overall, it was a pretty good read.

The Memory of Us by Claire Raye (Rating: 4.5 stars & “The Honey Bee”): “Sometimes we’re given choices, but there’s no choice in them at all” Have you ever had a book that you wind up literally yelling at for the answers to all of your questions– but in the end, you are given all the answers you need, plus a little more, and an HEA?! Yes- well, I bet you just finished this book. I literally can’t even put into words the rollercoaster ride this book takes you through. From Nora’s decade-long journey to find Elliot; all the while creating a journey of self-discovery and understanding of herself…to Elliot finally understanding that it’s ok to not always have all the answers. Nora and Elliot have a way of digging into a piece of your heart so that you feel fully investing their relationship. This was truly a great story Claire Raye, thank you for sharing it with me.


“Dirty Shirley“: 2 parts Vodka, 1 part Grenadine, 1 part Lemon/Lime Soda, Splash of Cherry Juice (optional), Cherry for garnish

“The Honey Bee”: 1 oz Drambuie, 3 dashes Walnut Bitters, Finish off with Prosecco

Until next time. Here’s to strong coffee, good whiskey, and steamy books!! 🙂