Take Gossip Girl and add in some of the things you love most about F. Scott Fitzgerald. All the appeal of the Great Gatsby surround the storyline of Star Bright. It’s fun and full of (local NY) adventure!

Stella is that girl that everyone aspires to be- rich, popular, and seemingly someone who has it all together. Only she doesn’t, but who cares when you have enough money to live like Gatsby every night, right?! Well, at least that’s the picture she can paint in the midst of her illustrious lifestyle among the much-admired Bright Young Things. I really liked her, a lot, throughout the story. Her insecurities were understandable, she had an upbringing that many would have despise; but, for Stella… “nevertheless, she persisted” and made the most of each and every day.

Levi, the mysterious man who shows up to the party (literally and figuratively), yet never truly “fits in” is the antagonist to everything Stella loves about the Bright Young Things. Levi is only there for a job, and will do just about anything to secure a future for himself. It isn’t until he truly gives Stella (and her gang of friends) a chance. It’s his turbulent need to question the very essence of the Stella’s livelihood that keeps them apart, but how long can they deny the appeal the other offers?! Levi was also very likable throughout the adventure; but I found myself questioning his motives often because you could tell they were forcing him to sacrifice fun, love, and sanity for a status that could easily be pulled away.

I loved that Stella was bound and determined to prove that the sparkle shines brighter than the recklessness. She is that lightning bug that shines even in the most discerning moments, and Levi can’t deny the thrill of being alive and in the moment.

Basically, the champagne, glitter, and fun friendships that you encounter through Star Bright kept you turning the pages (all night and until the early morning hours) hoping to find the what “all that jazz” was about! This was a great read and I totally give it FIVE STARS 🙂

Til next time friends… Cheers to good books, strong cocktails, and YOU!!