Review: Protecting Anna by Julia Jarrett

A chance encounter on a cold winter’s night lead to a deep all-encompassing love that will forever change the lives of Ryan and Anna. 

Ryan known for his playboy ways and his avoidance of any kind of relationship is struck hard with the realization that there is one person who is meant for you. 

Anna carries with her baggage and feels like she is damaged goods.  She is afraid to move forward paralyzed by her choices of the past.  Once in Ryan’s orbit she is drawn to the safety of his arms and the promise of hope. Anna’s demons of her past hunt her choices, but she quickly trusts her heart and allows herself to be pulled in by Ryan and his charm.  My only complaint is that given Anna’s past she kind of moved fast on her feelings for Ryan. I just felt like given what she left behind she would have been more cautious; however, she is truly all alone in the world. I can’t imagine how scared she would be. The draw to be with someone who would be strong for her  while dealing with all of her struggles is alluring. 

This is a beautiful story of the care that comes with loving someone.  That when you love you have the realization you are being trusted with a very precious gift. It is also about realizing when you are with the right person you can have your dreams and that love is truly a partnership.   Ryan and Anna do not have an easy journey to their Happily Ever After.  Both are consumed with self-doubt and fears of past mistakes, some they own, and some are not their mistakes. 

The Lucky Strike Pub seems to be a magical place and I for one love the magic of the stories that are created there.  This is book two of a quartet that takes place in the Pub but can be read as a standalone.  I do encourage you to read book one, Loving Callie, as it does give a lot of insight to the character of Ryan.  Characters from that story also make appearances in this story. 

Protecting Anna is beautifully written love story for the heart.  This was a 4/5 read for me.  I really enjoyed the story and highly recommend it.