by Julia Jarrett

Doctor Callie Scott and pub owner Jake Evans.

Julia Jerrett is a new author and I am so glad I PICKED UP Loving Callie.  I am not going to lie the sexy dude on the front is what totally made me want to read it. This is a book I picked not based on the synopsis or author’s history but solely on the hot dude on the front.  Debut Novels can sometimes be hit or miss but this was an absolute score.  The world Julia is creating is filled with dynamic characters. 

Dr. Callie Scott is downing in parental expectations with out receiving any true affection or love from her parents.  Wealthy and politically motivated they use their only child as a prop in their lives instead of a beloved member of the family. Nothing Callie ever does is good enough for her parents.  They constantly remind her of all the ways she is failing in their goals for her.  They seem to not care she is a successful Trauma physician.  Callie is living her life as best she can with these expectations always hanging over her head.  With the push from her best friend Reagan (WHOSE STORY I NEED AND WANT NOW) Callie signs herself up for an internet dating site.  This leads her to the most epic fail of internet dates at the Lucky Strike Pub. 

Pub Owner Jake Evans is working hard to achieve his dream. With an inheritance from his Grandfather, Pop he and his buddy Ryan are hoping to create a successful brew pup in Portland.  Jake has a minor construction accident and a chance meeting with a gorgeous blonde doctor in the ER.  She has been on his mind since she stitched up his cut.  Not sure how to reconnect with her fate steps in and lands said doctor on one of his barstools. 

You feel Callie and Jake’s connection from the very beginning.  You are rooting for them.  Jake is a special guy. He is confident, sexy, and smart.  But Callie must get out of her head and see this amazing mad standing in front of her in order for them to have their HEA. 

This was a romantic and quick read.  I spent a spring afternoon on the deck falling in love with the characters.  This was a 5/5 read for me. I can not wait to see whose story we get next!