I’m going to start something new around here, because we honestly can’t all be as awesome as Becky and do the billion individual reviews like her… Love you Becky! I’m going to be doing a weekly wrap-up of the books I’ve read. It will be a short review (paragraph or two), but you can always find my longer reviews on Goodreads or on my Instagram. This week, I had the honor of reading and reviewing some awesome books, by some awesome ladies…

“Falling Into You” by A.L. Jackson (Rating: 5 stars & a shot of fireball): Y’all, go grab this book now! It’s suspenseful, filled with angst and heart-throbbing moments, and bound to win your heart over. Violet and Richard (I’m a little biased toward all the swoony Richards because I have my own) have a past of hurt, turmoil, and unanswered questions. But when family brings them back together, there’s not a chance that either of them will be will standing when the storm sweeps in. Brokenness ate up their happiness for too long. If nothing else, they will learn that you have to “open your heart and your mind to all the beautiful, amazing things out there waiting for you” before grief and loss overtake the light of your soul! Trigger warnings: human trafficking references, drugs, rape flashbacks

“Miss Trailerhood” by Carina Taylor (Rating: 5 stars & a PBR): This is one heck of a romantic comedy. Riley is sheltering up in a tailer park, attempting to shine light on the all-too-UNfabulous life she’s leading, despite the glamour she portrays on her social media (as an Influencer). But, Riley understands where her place in life is, and that’s raising her teen sister and laying low. That is until Nate discovers her whereabouts. Nate was her childhood friends younger brother, the pesky kid who always bothered them; but also someone who was her family. She loved Nate and his family, but knew she needed to save them from the bitterness of her life. Unfortunately, he finds her and decides they are meant to be in one another’s lives, and that includes moving into her trailer park. Riley is determined to show him he doesn’t belong, while Nate is trying to show her life is what you make of it. She tells it without a ton of steam, but there’s not a moment you miss it. Trust me, I usually like the steam. There’s also lawn mower races, people!!

“Wrecked” by Lauren Asher (Rating: 5 stars & a bottle of champagne): This is her 3rd book I’ve read, and she just keeps drawing me in by the first page. Jax is a tough pill to swallow (quite literally) and comes with an attitude to match the bitterness of his life. He’s an entitlement F1 racer, that usually gets a slap on the wrist, but this time he’s not He needs to clean up his act and the woman to do it is Elena. She’s a professional athlete fixer (PR) and can handle just about anyone- until she meets Jax. Elena has skeletons in her own closet, but she’s ready to keep them boxed up so she can make a better future for herself. Between these two- feistiness, one liners, and ability to get one another riled up…. you’re definitely gonna wanna speed to grab it! Trigger warnings: terminal illness discussions and mental health suffering

Til next time friends… Cheers to good books, strong cocktails, and YOU!