Hey y’all!! Yes, I know it’s the beginning of a new week, but it’s better late than never…right?! Anyways here’s what I had going on this week- book-wise:

Off the Record by Chelle Sloan (Rating: 5 stars/Don’t drop the ball, butterfingers): “And what do you need to thank me for?”… “For being you. Because you are pretty amazing.” Sadie Benson is a committed reporter, with goals that nobody will stop her from achieving. That is, until she has a run-in with the newest hire for the Fury Offensive Line. The penalty flags, but can a Hail Mary save her in the end?! Hunter McAvoy. On track to become the youngest head coach in football history. He knows most are out to use and toss him aside like the Brady’s deflate-gate dilemma! But Sadie is different… right?! Are they going to find their happy medium, or will that B Gap be too wide and allow the other team to rival their relationship?! This is a great one, people.

And now… let’s talk Drunk Book Club, everyone. Because not only did I read the monthly book, but I also had to dip into more of the series (and I will continue on well into November). This month we picked Pucked Over by Helena Hunting; but, knowing there’s like a bajillion books in the Pucked Series, I knew I wanted to start from the beginning, because chello, that’s just me and my OCD ways. Let’s just say, I’m so so impressed with how these books have not only aged well, but still rival in the steam department to newer reads. Way to go, Helena, you brought it all. Here’s the 2 Pucked Series Books I read this week:

Pucked by Helena Hunting (Rating: 5 stars/Water’s Punch): I would, first and foremost, like to say that I love Violet, maybe even more than I love the hockey hunk (Alex Waters) because she is my spirit animal and probably my fictional-twin-separated-at-birth. Her confidence is one that will have you second-guessing whether you’re the most authentic version of yourself, because speaking your mind (even when it’s embarrassing) is all the mastery of life and I love that she is the advocate for doing so. Now, I will recommend not going around praising your husband’s hockey stick at Thanksgiving dinner, but… her sex positivity is one for the books (quite literally). Alex Waters is the calm to her crazy and he is ready for the ride. But, he is not the dumb jock she thought he was, and he willing to play Chess with her, while the guys she’s been playing with are still dumb-founded over chutes and ladders. Violet has her suspicions about the “puck-bunnie-alluring” captain of the team, especially since he’s been advertised as such, and her step-brother (Miller- the Yeti from Pucked Up and teammate of Waters) has cautioned her against anything with him. Violet’s not ready to walk away from the face-off, though, especially when she finally learns who Alex Waters truly is. I loved this book! The audio version is also amazing… Just, go grab it and read it, you won’t regret it!

Pucked Over by Helena Hunting (Rating: 5 stars/BALListic Sour): Now, ladies and gentlemen, you are not ready for the glory of the duo that is Lily and Randy. Hot damn, I’m still sweating 3 days after I read it! Lily has been lackadaisical in her current situation of men and life. She is working too hard, too much and her love-life is less than exciting (actually not even close to that). When she happens to be on vacation with her BFF (Sunny from the Pucked Up) at Waters’ vacation house, she meets the man, the myth, the legend that is Randy “Ball”fistic, and let’s just say that “hilarious and hot” are all the words I can muster to describe the first encounter they have (you just need to read it because I’m dead, haha). They flirt, they orgasm, but there’s something holding them back from going all in. But, once Lily FINALLY gets Randy to “flip the lights on” and get to business she quickly realizes “his tongue is a weapon of mass destruction” and his body is “more magical than Oz”. For Randy, he knows he is going to “develop some kinds of addiction problem” to Lily and it’s not the kind you seek treatment for, but his ultimate goal is to have Lily walking out of their arrangement “feeling like a damn porn star”. Neither of them are ready for the overtime they will be skating into because this “arrangement” isn’t being fought fair, and all gloves will be thrown off when feelings catch and they explore feelings beyond (amazing) mind-less sex. This is my FAVORITE of the series so far, so basically you need it NOW!!

I’m now on to the rest of the Pucked Series and I will report back… although I don’t think it will be any less than perfection!!

Til next time friends… Cheers to good books, strong cocktails, and YOU!