This week was truly a week of chaos; which, to be honest, it’s not any more chaotic than the 51 other weeks in my year. But, for some reason, this week I just couldn’t hang. I only read 2 books and 1/2 of a beta. What I kept telling myself is “it’s ok” to not finish a book every night- yes, I enjoy reading that much, but sometimes you have to love sleep more. “It’s ok” that I didn’t finish a review, because authors understand life can tough (obviously, get it done because they wrote beautiful things and appreciate the reviews), and also sometimes you need to love sleep more. (Yes, I said that twice.) Sleep and self-care are so important to maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being, so be sure that you’re taking care of you… and remember TO SLEEP! Anyways, what y’all are really looking forward to, book reviews from this week:

“Kane” by Sawyer Bennett (Rating: 4 stars/Drunken Snowman Hot Chocolate): Kane and Mollie are best friends- literally one another’s “PERSON” and their friendship has no boundaries, well except for that romantic boundary they’ve kept in place because they never wanted to compromise what they had. Kane is a pro-hockey player and Mollie is a full of wanderlust. Both are constantly on the go and don’t have plans to settle down any time soon; that is until Mollie faces an attacker and just need to find solace. Kane is that for Mollie, and Kane is ready to recharge with Mollie also. In this they find that their home has never been a million dollar mansion nor the wide-open road; instead, their home is the invisible walls Mollie and Kane have built, surrounding their friends (and now more) that is HOME. And it “feels like the most right thing they could ever hope to possess”. This is a steamy romance, and does have some instances that allude to violence (no trigger warning because it does not go into detail, nor have vivid details about the attack).

“Love in the City” by Jen Morris (Rating: 3.5 stars/Dirty Shirley): Alex, oh Alex, she is about at witt’s end with her life. She is being thrown obstacle after obstacle, and barely keeping her head above the water. Her job is boring (and definitely not what’s she thinking of when “dream job” comes to mind, not even remotely close), her boyfriends has just left her to “see the world”, and her family lives to show her how far from her dreams she has settled. After a drunken night, Alex decides to change her life course- 1. Move to NY (from Australia), 2. Finally write a romance, 3. Get published, 4. Don’t let love get in her way! Unfortunately, her drunken self did not foresee all of the chaos that is about to ensue on her venture through the Big Apple. Especially when it comes to the broody/moody guy she met in the coffee shop, who turned out to be her neighbor– her HOTT Neighbor who clearly has one too many of the “BIG APPLES” stuck up his a**. Luckily for Alex, Michael turns out to be a decent guy- but is decent good enough, or will she forego those plans of single life in the city for something more with him? This is a SLOW burn romance, with minimal steamy. But, it was a fun read and I want to thank Jen for the adventures she led us through while venturing in the Big City with her.

Right now, I can’t tell you much about my beta read… but, it’s from an awesome lady, that I’ve read before who usually writes more closed-door romance. With her, you don’t miss the steam, because she gives so much life to her books and her characters are so full of life, they instantly become your best friends in real life. I can’t wait to share details about this book when she is ready for me to.

Til next time friends… Cheers to good books, strong cocktails, and YOU!